If you want your business to stand out among the competition, a custom neon sign is a surefire way to capture attention. From the aesthetics to the affordability to the functional appeal and more, neon signs achieve multiple purposes for your business at once.


A bright sign tells your customers what they need to know: that your business is current, and that you care about appearance. The attention to detail also shows that your company cares about every aspect of the business. Even further, if you go with a sign with phrasing that calls images to mind, such as ‘Hot Pizza,’ or ‘Best Burger in Town’. the message will come across even more clearly. The customers will flock.

Our neon and LED signs are customizable. Whether you’d simply like your logo in lights, or would rather create a unique image, we can create the perfect sign for your business. From the font to the color to the overall design, you have control over every aspect of your sign.

Engage the senses

Unlike regular signs, neon and LED signs catch the eyes of customers. Humans are visual creatures, and we can’t help but be attracted to shiny, bright lights. And with people glued to their smartphones, it’s harder than ever to catch attention nowadays. A creative, bright sign will do just the trick. No matter how hard they want to look away, the lights pull you in. Whether someone passes by your business on a foggy day in the city or an afternoon in the suburbs, your sign will stand out in any weather or location.

Visual appeal and share-ability

It’s simple: high visibility means your sign will attract attention. Not only will you make a great first impression, but the image of your awesome sign will be in consumers’ minds long after they first see it. And, if customers love the aesthetic of your sign, they’re more likely to take pictures in front of it to post on social media. What does that mean? An endless chain of people getting exposed to your business. A compelling sign and a booming business make for a win-win situation.

Whether you need high rise-work, maintenance, or a custom creation, we can design the ideal neon or LED sign to represent your company. Get a free quote here.