There’s something both classic and traditional about neon signs. Nicknamed “liquid fire,” it’s no wonder neon signs are fixtures of modern business. The first neon sign was first displayed for the world to see in December 1910 in Paris. Over a century later, they’re still an essential element for storefronts. But that’s just the start when it comes to custom neon signs.

Business store fronts

No matter what kind of business you own, commercial signs are a classic way to advertise. Whether you own a restaurant, bar, clothing shop, or any other kind of business, it’s an awesome way to get people’s attention. It makes the storefront look complete and is fundamental to completing your brand’s image. Imagine the contrast of the brightness of your business’s name against a dark sky. But they don’t just look great outdoors— check out how cozy neon signs look inside coffeeshops.

Hang it in your home

Neon signs are so beautiful they can stand on their own as pieces of art! Instead of decorating with traditional framed art or photos, why not do something a little out of the box? People have been catching on to the lighting as art trend in recent years. With custom neon signs, there’s an element of simplicity that speaks for itself.

Special events

This is a guaranteed way to make a sweet 16, bachelor party, or birthday one to remember for years to come. Forget about paper banners and balloons. Make your event stand apart with a strong statement. Use a neon sign to welcome your guests to a party, wedding, or other special event. A bonus? Guests can take pictures under the sign and share the picture on social media. 

Artistic building feature

Words aren’t the limit when it comes to neon signs. Getting creative and pushing the envelope is the name of the game. We love how eye-catching this project ended up: bright green hexagons lining the tops of these high-rise buildings in Las Vegas. Shape and texture, like these striking neon spirals, are an unexpected way for businesses to catch attention.