You might think neon or LED signs are a thing of the past, but this is far from the truth. In recent years, neon signs have become trendy again. That’s because there’s nothing like the energy that neon signs give off. We are based in California and can’t help but be reminded of the big city lights here. But actually, neon signs can work in rural and urban locations.

They’re customizable

You may think words are the limit to how your business can use neon. But these signs are extremely versatile and can be used in lots of creative ways. Neon or LED can actually stand on its own as an artistic feature to a building. Or, we can get innovative and come up with new ways to display your logo. You could go the traditional route and display your name in lights, or do something out of the box. Whatever color, shape, or size you can imagine, we create it. The sky’s the limit when it comes to customization and making neon work for you.

They’re great for brand image

Whether you own a local business or a large one, LED signs can help with your company’s image. These signs complete the brand image and add curb appeal in a way other kinds of sign can’t. It’s the allure of past times, yet you can still add a modern twist to match your company’s brand. The fluorescent lights of neon signs add an element of energy and texture that stand boldly against the flatness of the sky or a building.

They look amazing!

This can’t be emphasized enough. Especially against the darkness of the night sky, the bright lights your custom neon sign gives off will draw people’s attention like nothing else can. Unlike other forms of advertising, LED signs grab the attention of passersby with radiant visuals. See for yourself: the mix of nostalgia and contemporary is an incredible way for your business to make a statement.